What about the EU Hong Kong Conclusions?

The EU Hong Kong conclusions are politically correct. They may be understandable in the context of Western allies sticking together. Its impact? To me: nil. Exporting no surveillance equipment to HK will not hurt China and will not help HK, nor will welcoming more HK people to the EU. It does not benefit the EU. Does it make Trump happy? To me, it just widens the gap between ‘us and them’. EU pressure unlikely induces a regime change in China. There is room for the China model in this world,like there is room for diversity of ideology in Western democracies.

Yet  the EU needs something from China to bring back home to its members – similar to the national EU presidents after the tough internal EU negotiations on the recent EU post-Covid19 recovery package. China would be smart to take this into account.

Read the EU Hong Kong Conclusions https://www.consilium.europa.eu/media/45225/st09872-re01-en20.pdf

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