SEPT 11, 2019: FD Circle meets FD Young Circle – China: Better be prepared

Foto: Sander Nieuwenhuys

A new powerhouse is rising: China. The 19th Century belonged to the UK, the 20th to the US and the 21st Century is China’s. China is already planning to reach major political and economic milestones by the 100th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China (1949 – 2049). These will not go unnoticed either within China or around the world. For many years now, China has dominated the global economy, contributing a third of the world’s economic growth. This is more than triple the growth generated in the US and India, in second and third place respectively, with around 10% each. The rise of China coincides with the start of the 4th Industrial Revolution, an era in which Chinais pushing ahead on many technological fronts – physical, digital, biological, chemical and atomic. This both accelerates and deepens the impact of The China Factor, if we like it or not. We better be prepared.

This is what the Founder of The China Agenda, Annette Nijs, will talk about at the annual event of the “FD Circle meets FD Young Circle”.

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