MAR 19, 2020: VVD Masterclass, Rotterdam

Caroline Nagtegaal-Van Doorn, member of the EU Parliament for the Dutch Liberal Party VVD, and Annette Nijs, Founder of The China Agenda, enter into a dialogue on the rising dominance of The China Factor in our world including in The Netherlands and how best and in the interest of The Netherlands to respond to the rise of The China Factor?

The evening is part of the Masterclass series for the VVD in the province of South Holland. The Masterclass is a programme of 10 evening session in which prominent members of the VVD and professionals share their knowledge and experience. The participating members of the VVD develop their political skills through the Masterclass. The Masterclass is part of the comprehensive education programme of the VVD and a pre-condition for its members to join the VVD national training programme for future politicians.