FEB 15, 2022 Lantern Festival

The Lantern Festival – or Yuanxiaojie (元宵节)

It is held 15 days after Chinese New Year officially marks the end of the festive period around Chinese New Year. Back to work, China is open for business again.

The Lantern Festival is is celebrated on the evening of the first full moon on the streets with colorful lights, fireworks, night markets, entertainment, and games for children such as solving riddles placed on the lanterns.

Over time many poets worte about the Lantern Festival.

A well-known example is “The Lantern Festival Night” from poet Xin Qiji’s (辛弃疾):

“The Lantern Festival Night”

Thousands of lanterns adorned trees;

Fireworks scattered in the sky.

Like blooms brought by the east wind,

And star showers blew down from above.

Fine steeds and carved carriages spread fragrance along the way.

Music resonates from the bamboo flute;

The moon slowly turns to the west;

Carp and dragon lanterns dance all night long.

In gold-thread dress, with moth or willow ornaments;

She smiles and passes by, leaving a faint aroma.

I searched hundreds of thousands of times in the crowd for her, but in vain;

When suddenly I turned around;

There she was;

Where the lantern light is dimly shed.


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