EU Czech Presidency

During its presidency from July 2022 to the end of that year, the Czech Republic will focus on five closely linked priority areas:

  1. Managing the refugee crisis and Ukraine’s post-war recovery
  2. Energy security
  3. Strengthening Europe’s defence capabilities and cyberspace security
  4. Strategic resilience of the European economy
  5. Resilience of democratic institutions

 On it’s logo:

The brand consists of a graphic character and a text part. The graphic symbol contains a total of 27 elements representing the Member States of the European Union. Each element is based on the colours of the flag of a particular Member State, replacing the two-letter abbreviations in the original identity from the 2009 Presidency. At the same time, each element is stylised into a shape of a compass needle, which refers to the complementary motif of the original Presidency logo – a map composed of the abbreviations of the EU countries.

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