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“An insightful and comprehensive book about China. Annette Nijs has written an articulate book, which supports us in finding our way of a deeper engagement with China whilst relying on our own strengths.”
Jan Peter Balkenende, former Prime Minister of The Netherlands

THE CHINA FACTOR – A 21st Century with Chinese Characteristics

There is no escaping it. During the 21st Century ‘The China Factor’ will become an increasingly dominant feature of our world. Whether we like it or not. China’s rising dominance will change the world’s balance of power, but how exactly? Is China’s new Silk Road, a new model for 21st Century regional economic union? Will a stronger China escalate geo-cyber-warfare to the next level? How will China’s society change? And how does the new social credit system fit in with all this? China’s economic miracle is not over yet. How rapidly will China bring its 5G networks, smart factories, smart logistics and alternative-energy self-drive cars to the rest of the world?

Title: The China Factor
Author: Annette Nijs
Publisher: The China Agenda
Second Edition: July 2019
Language: English
Paperback: 448 pages
Dimensions: 155cm x 235cm x 33cm
Weight: 960 gram
Illustrations: Rich illustrations
ISBN: 978 90 9031 787 8

Also available at: managementboek.nl, libris.nl, bruna.nl, bol.com, boek.nl

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“I enjoyed reading The China Factor. I believe it is an excellent contribution to management. One very positive aspect is that the book is politically neutral and this makes it easier to follow. A great and needed contribution.”
Pedro Nueno, Honary President CEIBS, China Europe International Business School

“Annette Nijs approaches China’s core issues and challenges with a candid and constructive attitude. Drawing on her years of close-range engagement with China, Nijs clearly details how this country works and what it expects from the international landscape despite of different systems, cultures, and ideologies.”
Ming Cheng Chien, President LANXESS Asia Pacific

“It is a must read for those who want to use their own brain to judge and connect with China in an unbiased way. This is even true for many Chinese to look at ourselves through the eye of a foreigner, in political, economic, technological and geopolitical areas.”
Lin Liangqi, former President of AkzoNobel China

“A comprehensive, up to date and lucid overview of contemporary China written by someone with deep, extensive exposure to and familiarity with China.”
Kerry Brown, Professor and Director of the Lau China Institute at King’s College London

“Understanding China is “inevitable” for anyone who wants to be in business in the 21st century.”
Daniele Sacco, Group HR and Organisation Director, Mondadori

“Annette Nijs has created an eye-opening about how China shapes our world.”
Vijay Singh, China Country Head, ISPAT Group

“This book has the potential to bring people from East and West closer together. In the Epilogue, Mrs Nijs calls upon us ‘not to spend our energy on highlighting differences but on figuring out the best way to work with it’. I couldn’t agree more.”
Dr. Li Ruohong, Chairman of China World Peace Foundation

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