APRIL 11, 2019: The Growth Forum in Lisbon

Annette Nijs about China @ The Growth Forum ‘2019 in Lisbon, on April 11th 2019. Some of the leading national and international figures from the world of politics and business will discuss the role of Portugal in the current and future global scenario.

The two main advises of Annette Nijs during the Forum:

(1) for SMEs:
consider to join one of the new industrial zones in one of the many Belt & Road countries and co-operate with Chinese SMEs and other foreign SMEs there first before setting up shop in China. And if you set up shop in China, consider to sell your technology and reap direct benefits instead of setting up a joint-venture.

(2) to Portugal:
take the initiative to propose a Belt & Road project together with other countries such as Norway, Iceland and China to fulfill the ambition to explore blue tech to boost Portugal’s prosperity by exploiting its extensive sea territory. Such a proposal can be made to the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank of which Portugal is a member and so are more than 100 other countries. Make your investment in the AIIB work.

China is smart; Get China-smart

Check it out: TCA-Portugal-Growth-Forum.pdf

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