55th ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Meeting is concerned about world peace

At The 55th ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Meeting (AMM) one of the 10 ASEAN member states will be missing asMyanmar has been excluded because the atrocities of the General Min Aung Hlaing.

During July 30 and August 6 some other regional meetings and summits took place:

ASEAN Post Ministerial Conference

23rd ASEAN Plus Three Foreign Ministers’ Meeting

12th East Asia Summit Foreign Ministers’ Meeting

29th ASEAN Regional Forum

In ASEAN meetings all representatives aim to comply with one important ASEAN rule of the game: do not get trapped in the middle of a conflict between ASEAN members and to explore how to solve any issues between members in an amicable way.

ASEAN expressed their concern about the current state of affairs in the world. They called upon world leaders need to act wise and responsible to maintain not only the peace, stability and security in the ASEAN region but also in the world as a whole. They also reconfirmed that all ASEAN Member States support the One-China Policy.

Six countries – Denmark, Greece, the Netherlands, Oman, Oatar and the United Arab Emirates – followed in the footsteps of 43 countries including China, UK, France, US, Japan and India and signed the ‘Treaty of Amity and Cooperation in Southeast Asia’ (TAC). A request from Ukraine’s to become a signing party to the TAC was accepted. It is expected that signing will happen at a next meeting.

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